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MIT has offered generations of people the opportunity to change the trajectory of their lives, develop their full potential, and have an impact on the world. Yet the Institute is part of a society in which opportunity is not evenly distributed and in which not all people feel equally valued. To more fully live up to its mission and increase its own impact, MIT will continue removing barriers to equity, opportunity, and belonging, increasing the diversity of its community, and shaping an environment in which all people can do their best work and thrive. By establishing and pursuing concrete objectives for improvement, MIT can play an important role in meaningful societal change.

Collaborate as a Community

In July 2020, President Reif announced MIT's effort to develop and implement a comprehensive, Institute-wide action plan for diversity, equity and inclusion – one that will be central to MIT’s overall goals and strategy. Since then, Institute Community and Equity Officer John Dozier, Associate Provost Tim Jamison, and Deputy Institute Community and Equity Officer Maryanne Kirkbride have worked with the Strategic Action Plan Steering Team and MIT's senior leaders to assess the specific needs of our community and to prepare this set of draft commitments designed to promote diversity, create a sense of belonging, and encourage equity across the Institute.

This plan aims to provide a framework for making real progress by establishing mutually agreed-upon goals. We encourage every member of the MIT community to read the draft plan and offer your questions and ideas.

The Institute is famously decentralized. As an organizational strategy, this matches the intellectual and creative freedom we cherish at MIT. However, decentralization presents special challenges when we need – as we do now – to make meaningful change together.

3 Questions: Senior Leaders on MIT’s Strategic Action Plan for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Provost Martin Schmidt and Vice President for Research Maria Zuber each answer three questions on investing in equity, empowering postdocs, and creating a community where everyone feels a sense of belonging through the DEI@MIT Strategic Action Plan.

Defining Our Framework

As we move forward in advancing the Strategic Action Plan for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, we will organize our inquiry and action plans around three strategic priorities:strategic priorities: composition, belonging, and achievement. 

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MIT can only fulfill its mission by serving as a magnet for the widest range of talented people. The composition of our community of students, staff, postdocs, faculty, and of our leadership should reflect a commitment to diversity. Establishing Institute-wide objectives, defining practical steps for achieving them, expanding formal mechanisms to collect identity data beyond race, ethnicity, and gender, and setting clear criteria for success will empower us to see ourselves more clearly and make real progress.

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MIT can best achieve its goals by creating a community in which all people feel they are connected to each other, can do their best work, and can thrive as members of a community with a sense of shared purpose and agency. By cultivating empathy, civil discourse, inclusion, and engagement, we can amplify our historic strengths as a problem-solving institution and turn them towards society's collective well-being.

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MIT will ensure equity is central to its assessments of all students, staff, postdocs, and faculty. For all members of our community, we will chart equitable pathways to success and minimize barriers to achievement.

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